March 21, 1943: Crowds Jam Market Stalls for Meager Supplies of Meat

BFA friend, Bill Blake, always forwards us interesting things he finds while researching old Buffalo newspapers. This time around, he found a Buffalo Courier-Express front page that featured at picture of the Broadway Market with crowds trying to purchase meat. From reading the page, the appears to have been a meat shortage in Buffalo and around the country during the height of World War II.

You can read the whole front page yourself by clicking here to view PDF file—>

Another BFA friend, Michael Szafranski, let us use the following pictures to post here of the Broadway Market as the new (current) market building was becoming operational in 1956.

Click on images for full view…

So there you have it, two interesting periods during the Broadway Market’s history. Good stuff.

Thanks, Mike and Bill for sharing.