Interview: Update on Bison Distillery with Glenn Kasprzyk

Brothers Ray and Glenn Kasprzyk are working hard on preparing the old Chudy Paper Company warehouse on Lombard Street to become Bison Distillery. They purchased the building 2014, and are hoping to be up and running within the next year. I recently reached out them for an interview to provide an update on the distillery and what we can expect when it opens. Bison Distillery will be a great addition to the neighborhood. I can’t wait. Thank you, Glenn Kasprzyk for taking time to respond to the interview question.

What has caused delays in getting distillery up and running?

There really is nothing directly causing any delay. We are excited about the future of the Polonia area. For us it’s more on timing as other projects are announced in the area.

How is work going on building?

All of the initial cleaning has been completed. We have engaged a few contractors to work on planning the renovations.

Do you have a new target date to open?

Our revised plan is mid 2017.

What type(s) of alcohol will you be distilling?

Vodka to start and then we will explore other spirits. We want to stay traditional to the neighborhood so we will carefully listen to our customers. We plan to keep our line unique. Our vision is more boutique.

When you do open, what can people expect at first?

A step back in time. The distillery will be a local attraction. We will have several items that illustrate the history of the area. It is important to us to be unique.

Do you have larger future plans for building and business?

Nothing at this time, but we are always exploring concepts and opportunities.

Anything else you would like to share?

We appreciate the support from the community. It will be exciting when the distillery comes to life.

You can find out more about Bison Distillery by visiting their Facbook page — be sure to like the page as well.