Photos & Video: Rosary Mob at Saint Ann’s Church and Shrine

Besides running Broadway Fillmore Alive, I do other things. One of them is Buffalo Mass Mob — sometimes my BFA world collides with other projects I am involved with. This was the case on Saturday, May 7th as the Buffalo Mass Mob came to Saint Ann’s to help support their weekly praying of the rosary outside of the church. The whole idea was to increase awareness of the efforts to save the church. Saint Ann’s has been closed since 2012 by the Buffalo Diocese. The status of the church is in flux. There is no definitive status as to what the future holds for Saint Ann’s. A group trying to save the church won an appeal to keep the church open. But the Buffalo Diocese to has filed their own appeal to support the closing of the church.

The Friends of Saint Ann’s meet at the church and say the rosary at 9:30am on Saturdays year round. A nice crowd came out to join the group this past Saturday. The above video was streamed live on Facebook and the below pictures were taken at the event.

Saint Ann’s continues to sit on Broadway and Emslie waiting for something to happen. It’s a visual landmark that has been around since the 1800s. It’s a link to Buffalo’s past and should be part of it’s future. Broadway has lost a lot of buildings over the last few decades. Every effort should be made to ensure that Saint Ann’s becomes open and active again.

Photos: (Click on images to view gallery on Facebook.) 

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