Photo Gallery: Saint Ann’s Church and Shrine Buffalo

This is just a random set of Saint Ann’s photos. As the church continues to sit in limbo, it’s important to draw as much attention to the building as possible.

The Buffalo Diocese continues to stand by its decision to keep the church closed. This is even after the Friends of Saint Ann’s won an appeal with the Vatican. In a decree dated January 7, 2014 the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy informed the people of St. Ann that their recourse to prevent St. Ann Church and Shrine from being reduced to profane status has been upheld. This means that St. Ann Church and Shrine must be repaired and reopened and must remain a church. The diocese countered by filing their own appeal of this decree. The Vatican has yet to respond to this appeal, but I have been told that ruling could be happening soon.

(Click on images to open full view of gallery.)

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One thought on “Photo Gallery: Saint Ann’s Church and Shrine Buffalo

  1. Buffalo is known as the City of Light. No other
    public building has the dramatic use of lighting
    to inspire people to look up. Let St. Ann’s reopen and treat visitors to Buffalo when they
    visit the Darwin Martin House and other treasures. Soon the Church will be in the shadow of a restored Central Terminal. Would the
    French demolish their architectural treasures?e

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