Photos: How incredible is Saint Ann’s Church in Buffalo? This incredible!

As Saint Ann’s Church an Shrine remains in limbo, I thought it was a good opportunity to visually remind people how absolutely stunning this East Side landmark is on the inside. Or maybe you have never been inside.

This church sits waiting for something to happen. It’s hard to believe that the fourth anniversary of when Mass was last celebrated at Saint Ann’s is nearly here. Saint Ann’s was deemed structurally unsound by the Buffalo Diocese. The doors were closed and a fence was put up around the church in 2012. The Friends of Saint Ann’s appealed the closure to the Vatican. The group won its appeal in 2014 when the Vatican decreed the church must remain a worship site. The Buffalo Diocese dug in their heels after the decree and have kept the church closed. They have also filed their own appeal with the Vatican to reverse the 2014 decision.

The problem is that Saint Ann’s is just sitting there with little or nothing being done to address its needs. It’s a recipe for disaster.

The Friends of Saint Ann’s is moving along meeting regularly, holding events, and even meeting every week outside the church to pray the rosary. They are waiting for the Diocese’s appeal to be resolved to take further action on insuring the future of church.

This is an interactive panoramic image of Saint Ann’s interior done by Buffalo VR. It’s beautiful. And like I wrote earlier, it’s a great visual reminder of how incredible Saint Ann’s is. Buffalo cannot lose this church.

***Use your mouse or finger to navigate around interactive image.