Celebrate St. John’s Eve at the Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle

This Polish celebration of the summer solstice is an annual event at the Adam Mickiewicz Library and Dramatic Circle (AMLDC) located at 612 Fillmore Ave.

This year, St. John’s Eve is being celebrated on Saturday, June 20th starting at 7:00pm.

The night of merrymaking—also known as St. John’s Night or “Noc Świętojańska—is still observed in parts of Poland and some Polish communities in the United States including right here in Buffalo at the Adam Mickiewicz Library. The night has roots in pagan rituals that honored the elements fire and water and also a feast celebrating the sun as a source of light and heat.

This is how Amy Smardz of the AMLDC describe the event a few years ago:

We try to do it outside, weather permitting. It is a pre-Christian Festival celebrating mid-Summer. We have an altar dedicated to St. John the Baptist who came to be honored by the Festival once the Celebration became Christianized. I explain the history of the traditions. The women are given wianki (wreaths made of flowers that the maidens wore on their heads) to float in a pool of water. Light fare is served afterwards, Zupa Orgorkowy: Cold Cucumber Soup. Seems a little weird, but it goes over very big. A prize is given if you find the magical “blooming” fern. We even might have a mischievous mermaid show up. You never know on St. John’s Eve!

Sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Saturday, June 20th – 7:00 pm – Adam Mickiewicz Library – 612 Fillmore

The AMLDC has the largest selection of Polish, European and craft beers in WNY.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1638481069707460/

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