Finding Another Zawadzki: 1334 Broadway

There has always been something about 1334 Broadway that has attracted my attention. Part of it is that the former Club Romway was where my parents would hang out in the 1970s and 1980s on some Saturday nights for country and western music. The other part is that the building itself really stood out on the stretch Broadway between Memorial Drive and Miller Avenue as something different and special. It didn’t look like the other taverns and gin mills in the neighborhood. Through the great research work of Julie Reiss, I found out why the building did and continues to stand out. It is a Zawadzki.

Wladyslaw Zawadzki was the preeminent architect of East Buffalo’s Historic Polonia in the early 20th century. His designs helped shape and define the urban fabric of the neighborhood. Zawadzki’s work includes the Dom Polski Building (Matt Urban Center) at 1081 Broadway, the Polish Union Hall (Open Praise Church) at 761 Fillmore, and the Schreiber Brewery (Warehouse Appliance Plus) at 662 Fillmore to name a few.

When I received a message detailing the history of 1334 Broadway and the Zawadzki connection from Julie Reiss, I was estatic.

Here is part of the message:

The same source that was used in the 2004 B-F survey, records 1334 Broadway as built for Katarzyna Tomaszewski and designed by Zawadzki (permit to build issued Nov 24, 1909).

The 2004 survey the Reiss refers to is the Clinton Brown Company’s Intensive Level Historic Resources Survey of the Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood.  You can view the survey by clicking here—>

Though this news is exciting, 1334 Broadway is in a dangerous place as far as buildings go in their condition. Club Romway closed in 2004 after almost 60 years in business. For the most part, the building has sat idle for the last 10+ years after it closed while getting a new owner in 2006 at the city of Buffalo tax auction. There is a for sale on the building. You can see that info in the pictures below along with other recent photos of the building. I hope something can be done to ensure its future. Broadway has already lost too many buildings. This one is worthy of saving.

Photos (click on images for full view)–