High Speed Rail at the Buffalo Central Terminal? Your Help is Needed!


As New York State moves forward with its plans for high speed rail, there is an opportunity to insert the Buffalo Central Terminal into the conversation for inclusion of the complex as part of high speed rail development.

The New York State DOT is still accepting public comments on the project.   Let’s help ensure that the Central Terminal  is on the state’s radar screen.

From the Central Terminal’s Facebook page:

The NYS DOT has extended the public comment period surrounding the High Speed Rail project. Everyone has the opportunity to voice their opinions on the project, and now is the time to get the Central Terminal on the minds of those who are involved in the project.

A formal letter was sent by Marilyn Rodgers, Executive Director/CEO of the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation, to the NYS DOT outlining our position, as well as highlighting a recent resolution adopted by the City of Buffalo Common Council regarding their position favoring the Central Terminal’s reuse as part of this project.

In addition to this, we are asking all of our supporters to comment, and comment often throughout the remainder of the public comment period. The more vocal we are, the better chance of our voices being heard. You can simply click on the link below, and copy and paste the pre-writen statement showing your support of the Buffalo Central Terminal!

Please take a moment to comment, and to share this e-mail with your friends and family.

As always, thanks for supporting the Buffalo Central Terminal!

Here is the link: https://www.dot.ny.gov/empire-corridor/contact

Here’s the statement:

As a supporter of the National Landmark known as the Buffalo Central Terminal, I would like to take a moment to voice my support regarding the Terminal’s use for future High Speed Rail aka Empire Corridor Project – Tier I EIS for the following reasons:

  • The Terminal is an integral Tourism site in New York State due to its architectural design and transportation legacy.
  • The Terminal is currently working with various future tenants and funders for a major adaptive reuse project of the complex which will, in turn, create educational opportunities, an active Arts center, workforce and economic development and neighborhood reinvestment in the Broadway Fillmore District of Buffalo, New York
  • The Terminal is centrally located within a two-mile radius of city-center
  • The Terminal also has secure parking facilities for up to 450 vehicles
  • The Terminal already has a Main Concourse for travelers to dine and shop adding to the tourism and economic values for entrepreneurship and small business development
  • The Terminal will also house education classrooms and shared space accommodations for local, regional, state and national colleges and universities to locate essential classes for certification and degreed programs in adaptive reuse studies thereby creating a benchmark for historic rehabilitation and restoration

I am confident New York State can promote the timely and essential reuse of the original and historic intent of the Buffalo Central Terminal as a center for transportation.


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4 thoughts on “High Speed Rail at the Buffalo Central Terminal? Your Help is Needed!

  1. Nice. We need everyone who loves the Broadway Fillmore area to take 5 mins to write in in support of the Terminal as a High Speed Rail station. Moving the discussion from the Depew Station to the Terminal will also facilitate moving Amtrak service to the Terminal as well.

    In the end, an active Central Terminal will lift the fortunes of the surrounding neighborhood.

    We can do this folks.

  2. Absolutely! What a better way to showcase the awesome architecture in Buffalo than by revitalizing the Buffalo Central Terminal as a high speed rail station. Buffalo has something to be proud of in the Central Terminal- let’s promote this location over use of the Depew station. Other major cities have landmark rail stations in current use- let’s return the Buffalo Central Terminal to its proper use and place!

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