AM-POL Eagle: St. Stan’s Marks 140th Anniversary

MASS AT THE MOTHER CHURCH OF POLONIA was part of its 140th anniversary celebration. (photo by Peter Sloane)

(By Brandon Kilijanski • Tue, Jul 02, 2013) St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr Church proudly celebrated its 140th anniversary June 30 with a Mass and reception of 225 people that followed at the Millennium Hotel in Buffalo.

In 1873, Rev. John Pitass founded the church, right around the same time that clothing designer Levi Strauss was patenting the first blue jeans. Since then, the “Mother Church of Polonia” and the East Side of Buffalo have been synonymous.

Signifying the historic importance of the anniversary the Mass was celebrated by Bishop Richard Malone, bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo; Bishop Edward Grosz, auxiliary bishop of Buffalo and a former pastor of St. Stanislaus Church, Bishop Edward Kmiec, bishop emeritus of the Diocese of Buffalo and other priests from the diocese.

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