This is why

When a meeting adjourned tonight at Corpus Christi Church, this Polish flag flying in front of the church caught my attention. I decided to shoot a little video.

To be honest, I sometimes need a reminder why I do what I do here in B-F. Everything over here is a struggle at times. After a three hour meeting at CCC, I was thinking about all the hard work I and others do to keep the church and neighborhood alive. A lot of the tasks daunting…a lot of the problems seem insurmountable.

Then I saw the flag blowing in the wind and was reminded as to why people devote countless hours to the neighborhood. It is important that we preserve what we can here. The history, the heritage, this neighborhood built by my ancestors are why. We just can’t let it fade away like it meant nothing.

B-F may never be what it was fifty years ago, but its old bones remain. These bones have kept it alive long after a lot of people have written it off. These bones can help build its future.

A L I V E!