AM-POL Eagle: Common Council president Franczyk seeks to have county reopen Matt Gajewski Center

Caught this interesting bit in the AM-POL Eagle about Buffalo Common Council President and Fillmore District Council rep, David Franczyk in relation to County Executive-Elect, Mark Poloncarz :

Getting back to the new county executive, one of the first things the council president would like Poloncarz to do is reopen the Dr. Matthew Gajewski Health Clinic at 1500 Broadway.

“You can run government in a business like manner, but you can’t run government like a business as Chris Collins promised,” Franczyk said. “Private businesses exist to make a profit. Government exists to provide services to people. If you take the people’s money in taxes and then put it in a bank account like a business would do rather than cutting taxes or providing services to people, voters are not going to be happy. The Matthew Gajewski Clinic was named after a great Polish-American humanitarian. It wasn’t costing the county anything, since all of its expenses were reimbursable by the state. It should be reopened to serve the health needs of the surrounding community.”

You can read the full story here on the AM-POL Eagle—>

I would also like to see it reopen.  With the high cost of healthcare, a health clinic like this is an invaluable service to a community where seniors and others struggle to make ends meet.   People shouldn’t have to worry if they can afford to receive medical services.

I encourage you to contact his transition about this issue or others pertaining to Erie County—>