World’s Largest Piece of Sponge Candy at the Broadway Market

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When I was at the Market on Saturday, I encountered the ‘World’s Largest Piece of Sponge Candy” at the Strawberry Island candy stand.

My first thought was I wish I had a pick and hammer to chisel off a piece for me!!!  🙂

What an awesome idea!!!

Strawberry Island has been serving up their sugary delights at the Market for a number of years now.

Steven and Cynthia Dawidowicz are an awesome son and mother team who co-own Strawberry Island.  Cynthia said they wanted to do something big this Easter season at the Market…well, they did.

You have to love a place whose motto is “We’ll dip anything in chocolate.”  They live up to that motto with chocolate-covered strawberries, apples, pineapples, Peeps, bananas, marshmallows, Twinkies and more.

All kinds of people were stopping by their stand in awe…me too.

You have to check it!!!