Video: Corpus Christi Church – Disputa Restoration Presentation – 03/13/2011

It is amazing to think that it was not that long ago the church was nearly closed. Fast forward a few years and Corpus Christi is now into its second phase of preserving this B-F treasure.

I can tell you from my personal experience as being part of this incredible effort that Corpus Christi has one of the hardest working groups of dedicated volunteers and parishioners I have ever been associated with.

The biggest part of the next phase of preservation is the restoration of Corpus Christi’s Disputa.

From Corpus Christi’s website…

“Corpus Christi displays the greatest artistic achievements . . . stained glass, decorative painting on the walls and ceiling, reliefs and sculpture executed in marble and wood, floor mosaic. However, the biggest achievement is the painting above the main altar . . . Very few churches in the U.S.A. can be proud of such a treasure.” -Roman Kujawa, internationally renowned art conservator, on his first visit to Corpus Christi Church

Roman Kujawa is the artist who is restoring the Disputa at the church.

The video above is of a presentation done at the church on the Disputa restoration project.

Please consider supporting Corpus Christi’s preservation efforts by making a donation to its preservation fund.

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