AM-POL Eagle: Franczyk defends the Market as essential to Broadway-Fillmore

(Christina Abt/Am-Pol Eagle) Buffalo Common Council President David Franczyk has worked as a government leader for over 24 years. Yet in reviewing his lifelong profession, it’s clear this politico holds a special passion for the Broadway Market and its neighborhood where he lives and serves.

“A Franczyk has served the Fillmore District since the 1940s, when my father was elected to the city council,” Franczyk said. “I still remember going to the market with my father and all the vendors and crowds of shoppers. That’s why throughout my political career, I have supported it. I want it to be great and beautiful again. When it comes to the Broadway Market, that’s all I care about.”

While Franczyk’s support of the market is founded on personal experience, he has expanded his market expertise by traveling to public markets throughout the United States. He particularly notes the Detroit and Cleveland public markets, set in locales and facing challenges similar to the Queen City. In discussing the public market business model, this city leader reflects on sustainability.

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