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Last July I posted pictures of the old Spolka Clothes building at Broadway and Woltz.

The Spolka Building has been on my radar screen since then.  The last few times I have driven past it I have noticed something inside…the ceiling is falling down.

This is one of those buildings in the B-F business district we don’t want to see slip away.  Unfortunately, it looks like the Spolka Building is dying a slow death.

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7 thoughts on “Spolka Clothes…then and now…Part III

  1. According to the on-line Erie County property tax records, a company with an address in Georgia bought the property in 2008. Until then, it had the same ownership since 1912!


    The building does not have any open inspection issues or housing court files.

    But stay tuned…

  3. I believe the guy that was going to open the check cashing place in the market owns it. Because last winter some pipes froze and burst on the upper floors, I called him at his Jefferson ave location to let him know about the water, he said thanks for the call and the water was shut off that day.

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