(By Christina Abt – WNYmedia.net and Am-Pol Eagle) This is the eighth in a series of Broadway Market at the Crossroads interviews. This week 2 women who stepped up and successfully expanded the market into a Christmas hot spot and actually took the market out to the WNY community—and why they’re not doing it anymore.

The Broadway Market exists within a tenuous alliance among the City of Buffalo, market vendors and shoppers. Yet there is a fourth partner related to the market’s survival which, although not always publicly acknowledged, has been equally important to its 122 year tradition— market volunteers.

Carol Bronnenkant and Sandy Starks are shining examples of Broadway Market volunteerism. The two initially met in 1998, when Carol was heading up the revitalization of Greycliff and Sandy was a guide of Elderhostel tours at the Frank Lloyd Wright lakefront manor. Over time, each moved on to independent community projects, but 8 years later, their volunteer souls reconnected at 999 Broadway.

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  1. Further evidence why Marty Biniasz and Airborne Eddy should not be involved in broadway market future.

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