WNYmedia.net: Broadway Market at the Crossroads Pt. 5

(Christina Abt – AM-POL Eagle and WNYmedia.net) This is the fifth in a series of Broadway Market at the Crossroads interviews. This week another market vendor speaks out, Peter Cichocki, President of Camillia’s Meats. While not as outspoken as some vendors, Cichocki and his family have proved that they are willing to hang tough and fight for their place in the market— and for the survival of the market itself.

Camillia Meats is a long time Buffalo business, established by the Cichochi Family in 1935. Yet, the well known WNY meat purveyor is one of the newer vendors in the Broadway Market, opening their stand just a short 4 years ago. Interestingly, two years after their market start up, Camillia’s President, Peter Cichocki, came close to shutting it down. However, a never-say-die attitude on the part of Peter’s 20 year old son, Adam, encouraged his father to give the market one more chance. The result is that today, Camillia’s Meats exists as an anchor among market vendors.

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4 thoughts on “WNYmedia.net: Broadway Market at the Crossroads Pt. 5

  1. A reoccurring theme in all of the series points to same people causing problems at the Broadway Market. The so called “saviors” of Polonia are actually doing irreparable harm.

    Maybe Franczyk will buy them another building as a reward for the outstanding contributions to the neighborhood.

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