Want to help Buffalo bring Google to Buffalo?

Google announced last month it would test a network offering ultra-high-speed broadband Internet access by partnering up with one or more midsized cities.

The City of Buffalo and group of local technology pros are making the case to have the city selected as one of places chosen by the Google.  With the “Google Fiber for Communities Project,” Google will select some cities to test Google’s broadband network…a network that can deliver that internet at speeds almost one-hundred times faster than most people have.

The project could help end the digital divide we see in Buffalo and bring a cutting edge company to the city.  The spin-off development potential is incredible.

Do you want to help?  I know you want to.

Buffalo will submit a formal application to Google on 03/26. You can visit www.buffalowantsfiber.com to found out how to support the effort.  Time is of the essence…

Too bad the entry deadline is before Dyngus Day…we could have sold Google officials on Buffalo by having them come here for it.  🙂

Seriously though, the impact it could have on neighborhoods like B-F is tremendous.

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