Buffalo News: What comes next for Central Terminal?


(Mark Sommer – Buffalo News) August was a heart-wrenching month for the people working to save and restore the Central Terminal.

In the space of three weeks, the restoration group lost its past two presidents — longtime leader Russell Pawlak and his successor, Michael Miller, both in their 50s, both from natural causes.

Their deaths could have been enough to derail any organization, especially this one, given its long identification with Pawlak’s infectious passion for the iconic building and more recently, Miller’s enthusiastic commitment to saving it.

Instead, their successor, Mark Lewandowski, and the Central Terminal Restoration Corp. have regrouped and will redouble efforts to realize the dream of redeveloping the 80-year-old landmark on Buffalo’s East Side.

That includes creating a master plan for the building’s vaulted concourse, 17-story tower and five-story baggage building they hope to complete in late 2010.

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