The Broadway Market wants to hold an auction…

I received 17 emails yesterday linking to a story in Business First about the outgoing management plans to auction off items at the Broadway Market next week.  One of the emailers said it reminded him of what happened at the Central Terminal in the 1980s-1990s when the infamous Thomas Telesco stripped the Terminal of a large number of its assets.

From the Business First article

“This is your chance to own a piece of Buffalo’s history, everything from the historic Broadway Market signs to the Easter Bunny hut will be sold,” said Cash Cunningham, who runs the Buffalo-based auction and real estate development company.

This is from David Franczyk from the article…

“They should go out with some dignity,” said Buffalo Common Council President David Franczyk, whose Fillmore District includes the market. “This is not the best way for them to go out.”

The only word that pops into my head is outrage.

The whole scenario just smacks of pettiness.

Want to do something about it?  Call the Mayor’s 851-4200 office or send an email

Stay tuned…

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8 thoughts on “The Broadway Market wants to hold an auction…

  1. Nothing proves just what a fantastic job the outgoing board was doing, and how they’ve had the best interest of the Market in mind than… selling off it’s historic artifacts and shutting down it’s website!

    How old are they – 12?

  2. Utterly ridiculous… We KNOW from past experiences what happens…WHY cant we learn from our mistakes?…Chris you were correct to mention the terminal just look at how costly it is to get those items back when its possible.

  3. How typical of the current management. Not only is it petty, it shows their character and lack of leadership qualities.

  4. The consequences of this sale relative to the historical value of the Broadway Market in our community are stunning.

    Have we learned nothing from all the mistakes and poor choices from our architectural past? Preservationists and do gooders are quick to step forward and block progress in this town. Where are they now? Where is the outcry against the tearing apart of this significant historical and cultural landmark.

    We have to maintain the Broadway Market in all its traditional and ethnic splendor. And it’s not up to the government to make this happen. The people of this community need to step forward now and over the years to come in returning to the Market year round.

  5. This is totally outrageous and a sin! The Broadway Market is living history from the Buffalo area and to think that the Preservation Committee is not blocking it is ridiculous! Those treasures will never be able to be gained again at a later date. What the Mayor should be doing is trying to preserve the Broadway Market and continuing to let it thrive in this neighborhood. That market has fed and supported so many people over its long history. I find this despicable in our day-and-age of historic preservation! Someone needs to step in & save the Broadway Market now!

  6. The items likely beong to the City anyways as the (mis)management company bought them with CDBG funds granted by the City. These items cannot and should not be sold.

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