My Babcia’s/Busia’s Pączki Recipe

I re-post this near Pączki Day every year:

You may remember that last year I posted my Babcia’s Polish BBQ Hamburger recipe.

In honor of my Busia (RIP) and , I am sharing her recipe with you.

The vivid of memories I have of going next door to Grandma’s house on Ashley Street while she cooked or baked when I was a child is something that will be with me for as long a I live.

My Mother was kind enough to put down in print a lot of our family’s recipes a few years ago for me and my brothers.  Someday these will be passed down to my children…very cool.

I love that in my Busia’s recipe that she uses “fat” to fry.

[click her for the recipe – pdf]


2 thoughts on “My Babcia’s/Busia’s Pączki Recipe”

  1. People often ask, “Why liquor?” The simple reason is to keep the dough from absorbing too much fat/grease when they are being fried.
    In Polish terms, though, “liquor” equals “Spirytus” or grain alcohol; no flavor or unwanted ingredients.
    That will make a HUGE difference.

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