Second Sundays in Broadway-Fillmore

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Over the years, I have heard many people tell their tales about how sad they are about places in the neighborhood that have closed or have been torn down, etc.

Each of us though has an opportunity to make a difference in the future of B-F’s treasures.  It is as simple as supporting them more.

While I have been contemplating the recent merger of Saint Adalbert Basilica and Saint John Kanty and how it has left the basilica essentially quiet every Sunday now, I came up with the idea of Second Sundays in Broadway-Fillmore.

The idea is simple enough…come to church at one of B-F’s historic and beautiful churches every second Sunday of a month during the course of the year.

As anyone at any of the churches will tell you, we need more people to attend.

If you want to see these glorious embodiment of faith saved, support them regularly.

I hope I am not sounding too preachy.

The effort here is to help sustain these churches for future generations.

Far too often in Buffalo’s history we have let our history be relegated to “I wish this place or that place was still round” without any way to help or turn back the clock.  Well, you can help here. Come to B-F for church at least once a month!

It is a simple but valuable way to make a difference in protecting B-F’s ethnic and architectural heritage.

Going forward, I will repost this about a week before second Sunday.


The churches.