The Market is a melting pot

There was a great story published yesterday in the Buffalo News yesterday on the Broadway Market by Michelle Kearns.

From it…

They are outposts among empty counters and cases, and old plastic chairs circled around scuffed tables, where people eat, sip coffee, read the paper and scratch off lottery tickets.

The article was a reminder to me about what makes it awesome.

There is a tendency to focus on the market aspect of the Market.  The Market is also a community meeting place of sorts.  A place where people come to socialize, people watch, read the paper, etc.

Late last week, I posted about the Market trying to get President Obama to pay a visit to it during his stop on Thursday.  I think the Market would be the perfect place because it represents an interesting sample of people from all walks of life here in WNY.  You have business people, senior citizens, entrepreneurs, shoppers, workers, suburbanites, city residents, neighborhood residents and everyone in else between who are part of the melting pot that comprises the Market on any given day and what makes it such a great place.

From my earliest memories of going there to visiting it today, you walk into the Broadway Market and you get the fascinating sense of something truly special and a unique Buffalo experience…I love the vendors, but it is the experience that makes it such a wonderful place.