Sattler Broadway Theater is beginning its restoration

Buffalo theater restoration has been on a roll and, at long last, the Sattler Broadway Theater is beginning its restoration. Located at 512 Broadway, the theater opened in 1914, built by the Sattler department store family. It operated as a theater through the 1960s, then spent the next 30+ years as a house of worship for various denominations. It has stood empty since 1996. WNY Minority Media Professionals, a group of investors led by Michael Quinniey, purchased the theater in 2008, and worked to secure the structure, which had been on the city demolition list, while funds were raised.

Plans are for the theater to serve as a performance space for live events, as well as an arts/media educational space for minority youth.

Major fundraising activities are taking place now, along with construction design. It is hoped that construction permits can be issued by year end. Look for the Broadway Theater’s table at upcoming festivals this summer.

Here is the link to Friends of the Sattler Broadway Theater, along with photos from my visit last summer: And here is the link to WNY Minority Media Professionals:

To view some photos of the theater, click on image below to view on Facebook.