Photos: 125th Anniversary Time Capsule Blessing at Saint John Kanty Church

Saint John Kanty Church is the parish I belong to in the neighborhood.

Though East Buffalo’s Polonia neighborhood has lost a number of churches over the years, there remains a number of churches still open. Saint John Kanty is one of them. The church has been around around for 125+ years.

On Sunday, February 18th, the parish officially closed out its 125th anniversary by the blessing and placement of a time capsule at the church. The capsule contains notes from current parishioners, some 125th anniversary related items and some 2017 related material.

Being part of the 125th anniversary committee at Saint John Kanty was an honor for me. The church is a big part of my family’s history and my history. I went to the parish school, I was baptized there, and received other sacraments there.

When I was younger, I didn’t realize how important places like Saint John Kanty were for the neighborhood. Through all the changes the area has gone through over the last few decades, Saint John Kanty and other churches remain as beacons of stability and hope. They endure, and they can be part of the neighborhood’s future.

Father Michael Burzynski, administrator of Saint John Kanty, prepares to bless time capsule.

Sacred Heart mural above sanctuary.

Father Michael Burzynski blesses time capsule.

Time capsule was placed in area behind where Our Lady Częstochowa icon normally sits. The capsule will be opened during Saint John Kanty’s 150th anniversary in 2042.

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