Video: Response to Love Center at Thanksgiving

The Response to Love Center will once again serve a Thanksgiving meal to those in need.

Starting at 10:00am to 1:00pm on Thanksgiving, the Response to Love Center will be serving dinner to anyone who wants to stop by.

As Sister Jonice explains, the mission would not be possible without the support of the community and volunteers.

When St. Adalbert’s parish school was closed in 1985, our community was gripped with grief, frustration, and a deep fear for the future. In their anxiety, many of our people sought an answer through prayer. It became abundantly clear that the choices were not ours; that He was giving us direction! We responded.

Twenty-four hours after the school closing, June 26, 1985, the Response To Love Center was born. Here, the focus is the holistic treatment of poverty: loving care of the economically deprived, the spiritually poor, the emotionally battered, the isolated, the wounded and the broken.

Address: 130 Kosciuszko St, Buffalo, NY 14212
Phone: (716) 894-7030