Photo Gallery: Holy Thursday Seven Churches Pilgrimage from 2009

Holy Thursday is coming up. With that in mind, I wanted to do a throwback post of photos. These are from Holy Thursday 2009.

In 2006, Broadway Fillmore Alive (BFA) started heavily promoting the Holy Thursday seven church pilgrimage by focusing on neighborhood churches. We put together a brochure people could download with directions and times churches would be open for Mass and visitation. Though there a lot of people who still participated in the pilgrimage. The idea was to introduce the tradition to a new generation of people or people who didn’t know about it. We called the effort One Night and Seven Churches.

Fast forward ten years, BFA is still promoting the pilgrimage. I encourage you to come out and experience the churches of East Buffalo’s Historic Polonia in all their glory on Holy Thursday. You can click here to get information on One Night and Seven Churches 2016—>

The following are photos of Saint John Kanty, Saint Ann’s, Saint Luke’s Mission of Mercy, Saint Adalbert Basilica, and Corpus Christi churches. Click on images below to open photo gallery.