WNYmedia.net: Broadway Market at the Crossroads Part III

(By Christina Abt, AM-Pol Eagle and WNYmedia.net) This is the third in a series of Broadway Market at the Crossroads interviews. This week the series focuses on two men who are on a mission to not only re-envigorate the market, but to re-invent the historic neighborhood surrounding it.

Marty Biniasz and Eddy Dobosiewicz are lifelong friends. The two spent the 1970’s and 80’s growing up in an East Side Buffalo neighborhood ethnically branded as, Polonia. Their childhoods were defined by Polish foods and traditions served up around architectural landmarks such as Corpus Christi and St. Stanislaus Churches, The Central Terminal and The Broadway Market. It is a shared life experience that has bonded the men with a passionate dedication to “re-inventing” their once vibrant childhood neighborhood. It is also a passion that, at times, makes them lightening rods of distrust and resentment among those equally devoted to the same cause.

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3 thoughts on “WNYmedia.net: Broadway Market at the Crossroads Part III

  1. Amazing line of XXXXXX.

    These guys have scammed everyone and now the reporter. Article is full of their typical misinformation……and self promotion. They don’t live in the neighborhood and have not done one bit of rehab….they want public or your money to do things…for their profit…… Let’s see the cancelled checks for all of the money ” spent “. Why isn’t Marty working at OTB any more? Any truth to the rumors? Keeping hearing from Broadway Market vendors that these guys haven’t bought much more than a cup of coffee at the Market in two or three years…..is that supporting the Market and helping them…

    Maybe an investigative piece will be done?

  2. I agree totally with what you said. They only care about themselves. Eddie needs to stop being a slumlord and fix up his property, maybe by living there. Sad that all they can buy is coffee. They like to see their faces and names on TV and in the press. SAD. Where do they live? Have they ever lived like I did but had to leave due to being robbed and fearing for my life?

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