AM-POL Eagle: The Broadway Market at a Crossroads Part II

(by Christina Abt – 01/26/2011)

Christopher Byrd is a Buffalo bred and born native who wears the varied titles of husband, father, manager of the Amherst Central Alumni Foundation, freelance web designer and online blogger/journalist. Currently, Byrd calls a Queen City suburban neighborhood his family’s home. Yet ask this 43-year-old about his strongest connection to his hometown and Byrd will passionately share stories about Buffalo’s Broadway Fillmore area and the Broadway Market. There, amid the East Side neighborhood’s crumbling infrastructure, this young urban professional has found a connection to his past, a purpose for his present and a strong motivation for his future.

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3 thoughts on “AM-POL Eagle: The Broadway Market at a Crossroads Part II

  1. Chris,

    I feel bad every time I drive through the old neighborhood. The market is a shell of its former self.

    Please keep doing what you are doing. We will have to hang out on Dyngus Day.



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