B-F pic of the Day: Syracuse is in the da house…I mean Market

[singlepic id=906 w=320 h=240 float=](click on image for full view)

One of the first things I noticed today when I went to the Broadway Market today were the inordinate number of people wearing Syracuse Orangemen garb.  Buffalo and WNY has seen an influx of people from that down east on the I-190 called Syracuse because of the NCAA basketball tourney in town.

Chris and Mark in the photo above stopped in at the Market today on the Orangemen’s off day.

Both said they absolutely loved the place and wish Syracuse had something similar. Sometimes it is great getting an outsiders enthusiasm and appreciation of the Market and to remind me of what we have here in B-F.  And imagine…no complaint of the neighborhood or the Market’s location or anything else like that.  They loved it…

Nice meeting you Chris and Mark!

Go Syracuse!