For the fourth year in a row on Holy Thursday – April 1st, 2010, B-F-A has put together a self-guided tour of seven historic churches in the Broadway-Fillmore area partaking in the traditional visitation of the Blessed Sacrament on this holy night.

The visitation period generally begins after 7:00 pm and the churches remain open till around 11:00 pm.

The Seven Churches…

St. Clare -193 Elk Street
St. Stanislaus – Peckham and Fillmore
St. Ann – Broadway & Emslie
Corpus Christi -199 Clark Street
St. John Kanty – Broadway and Swinburne
St. Luke’s – Sycamore & Miller
St. Adalbert Basilica – 212 Stanislaus Street

For more information, you can call 716.218.0232 or click to view brochure

The churches in Buffalo’s historic Polonia are awe inspiring and are deeply rooted in tradition…this is a way to experience their religious, artistic and cultural beauty.

Pictures from 2009…

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7 thoughts on “One Night and Seven Churches 2010

  1. Yes! I LOVE thsi night! I have found over the past three years that this is such an excellent way to prepare for Good Friday and truly feel closer to the Lord at Easter time. Thank you SO MUCH for arranging this once again!!!

  2. With all the churches lost over time in the neighborhood, there are still many opened. What a wonderful night this is and Manya is correct in her assessment of the evening.

  3. One night is not enough time for this. I think it should be spread over two nights, 3.5 churches each night.

  4. Stanislaw, no one says you can’t do that. Go for it. The more time spent in church, the better 🙂 I recall visiting Christ’s tomb in the churches on Friday, or maybe Saturday when I was a kid. Anyone remember that ?

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