When BFA started, one of the buildings we paid a lot of attention to was the Eckhardt Building at Broadway and Fillmore; it is one of B-F’s high profile structures.

Between Michael Miller and I, we must have sent hundreds of emails in regards to the building and to potential developers.  The building still remains empty.

What we would like from you is your ideas.  What do you think would be a great use for it?  How would you go about marketing it?  Would you want to help promote and market the building? Etc…

You can read more about the building by clicking here.

You can see our photos of the building by clicking here.

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4 thoughts on “We heart the Eckhardt Building

  1. We’re in our third year of trying to find a tenant for the Eckhardt Building. And while we’ve been helpful in garnering them a couple of new prospects, the building remains empty. It is being well maintained however. Please help us find a good tenant for this beautiful building!

  2. The last time I was in the building was about 15 years ago. I have always thought what a grand place the first floor would be for a restaurant.

    Judging by the pictures, the upper floors would make great space for any number of uses. Dance studio, offices, art gallery all come to mind.

  3. Interesting site. I’m originally from Buffalo, but have lived in Boston, MA for almost 30 years. I grew up – at least partially – in East Buffalo and we always visit the area when I’m in town. I remember this building, although I was very young when it was vibrant.

    I think the city as a whole could use an economic shot in the arm. I don’t see that Broadway-Fillmore will pick up until/unless there’s greater economic prosperity in metro Buffalo overall. Just curious – are you tying your efforts into any larger-scale economic overhauls?

    I will say I’m happy you’re devoting the attention you are to Broadway-Fillmore. I have very fond memories of it from childhood and would love to see it restored to its former vibrancy.


    Margy Rydzynski

  4. Thanks Margy…

    Most of what we do is to help support ongoing efforts to ensure that elements of the neighborhood don’t slide further and draw attention the various positive things still happening in the area.

    Most of the people that post here are involved with organizations in the neighborhood.

    Stay tuned…there are many interesting projects in the works to help push B-F forward.

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