Poem about BF

I was checking my e-mail this morning and found this from a friend. I was told it may be appearing in a newspaper soon. I can’t agree more.

BTW if there’s anyone out there reading from the suburbs, I’d like to invite you back home to BFA to celebrate Christmas. St. Ann’s, St. Adalbert’s, Corpus Christi, St. Stan’s, and St. John Kanty’s are all having Mass. Just throwing it out there…

Anyway here’s the poem.


Walking the streets of deserted Polonia, I wonder why.

Why Bożego Ciała was almost closed and leveled.

Why immigrant cottages are now half-destroyed.

Why the Broadway Market is always empty, busy only at Easter.

Why the first Polish bishop sits downtown and ignores the area.

Why Kolędy is no longer heard on the street corners.

Why so many only return to their old church, only for the final Mass.

Then the answer comes: Assimilation into American suburbia.

– by Poetus