Dear Friend of Corpus Christi

From Corpus Christi’s website…consider donating to the church’s preservation fund!!!

Dear Friend of Corpus Christi,

Have we met?

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Joseph Przeciszewski and I am a life-long parishioner at Corpus Christi Parish.  You may not know me by name, but maybe we would recognize each other at the 8:15a.m. Mass on Sunday mornings (or the 5:30p.m. Mass during inclement weather).  Possibly we have seen each other during the Corpus Christi Procession or perhaps shared a table at the Dozynki Festival or another parish event.  Whether or not we know each other by name, or even by appearance, one thing is certain – that we share a connection with Corpus Christi Church.

My family’s history with Corpus Christi dates to my father’s birth and baptism in 1925.  Both of my parents attended the parish’s grammar school, received the sacraments of Penance, First Communion and Confirmation, and were married at Corpus Christi.  My parents loved this parish, and were active volunteers. My dad regularly donated his talents for electrical repairs, carpentry and other projects for the church complex.  Mom sewed vestments for the altar boys and for the Infant of Prague statue in the church.  Their commitment to the parish was so steadfast, that our family was given a Papal Blessing from Pope Pius XII.  It will come as no surprise that my sister and I were also active in the parish.  I served as an altar boy and even performed on the Fr. Justin Radio Hour as a member of the school choir.  What a thrilling adventure it was to take the train out to Athol Springs and sing on a live broadcast!

That is just a part of my story – just one of the thousands of family histories that make this church special and valued and worth saving.   What is your story?

All these years later, I am still a parishioner at Corpus Christi – it is a part of who I am.  To this day, it continues to be a place of deep spirituality and inspiration, and I still marvel at the Disputà mural and the stained glass windows that I know so well.  Looking back, I realize something that my parents understood even during the parish’s “glory days”; that Corpus Christi’s existence and its continued survival are not an accident, but rather a blessing from God and the result of the passion, hard work and support of generations of individuals who cherish this holy place under His watchful eye.  That is why I contribute to Corpus Christi – because I know that its continued survival depends, in part, on me.

What does Corpus Christi mean to you?  Would you feel a sense of loss if it closed its doors, if it became just another boarded up building?

Our church’s current preservation projects are to repair and restore the north bell tower and to rebuild the drainage system around the church foundation.   We must raise $162,000 to match a large New York State grant for this critical work to begin.  I will help and I hope you will too, by giving generously to this year’s Spring Appeal.

Happy Easter, and here’s hoping that we meet each other soon.

Best Wishes,

Joseph Przeciszewski 

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