Demolishing Polonia: It is only a matter of time

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This factory complex (the old Lumen Bearing Company) located at Sycamore and Lathrop will most likely never be saved.  Frankly, it is past the point of saving.

In the images above, you see what the complex looked like a about 90 years ago and you will see what it looks like now.

There are a lot of buildings around the neighborhood that are slowly but surely fading away…fading past the point of no return.

It literally is just a matter of time before they are demolished and disappear completely.

When I see buildings like this, I wonder how they were set on this path.  I also wonder how we can prevent other buildings from meeting the same fate.


I love the building at the front of the old picture of the complex.  All the windows, etc…must have been something to look at back in the day.