Photo Gallery: Five Pictures of Saint Ann’s to Blow Your Mind

I drive past Saint Ann’s Church and Shrine at Broadway and Emslie a few times each week. Each and every time I see the church, the images popping into my head are like these below. What also pops into my head are thoughts questioning how this East Side treasure remains closed to the public or why isn’t anything progressive being done to forge a future for this church. Saint Ann’s isn’t a place you simply walk away from. Saint Ann’s isn’t a place you leave empty and abandoned to rot. But that’s exactly what’s being done.

What exactly is the future of Saint Ann’s? I fear neglect will lead to its demise. It’s happened on the East Side a lot with other buildings. We can’t let this church fade away. It’s too important.

I took these photos in 2013. Click on the images for full view—>