What Lies Beneath 897 Broadway

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Last week when I posted about the Lumen Bearing Company, Greg Witul commented on the post asking where I got the old picture of the factory.  I couldn’t remember exactly and then pulled out the book I thought it was from.  It came from a 50th anniversary book for Saint Stanislaus Church.

While flipping through the book, a photo of 897 Broadway caught my eye.  I scanned the photo tonight and pulled some pictures from Google Maps of what is there now.  When I started looking at the photos, I noticed right away that the original building is still there.  It is hidden behind what was built out of it.

If you examine the pictures closely, you can see it.  You will also notice that part of the building’s white facade is still visible.  I don’t know how much else of it remains, but it was cool to make this discovery.

The 1923 photo shows the Broadway Bakery.  Truly a great looking building.

UPDATE from Andy Golebiowski in comments:

Description from the Intensive Level Historic Resources Survey:

Broadway Bakery
897 [881] Broadway

Date: 1914
Władysław H. Zawadzki,
Original Use: Commercial
Current Use: Vacant

NR Criterion: C

Built as a bakery, store, and
dwelling for Władysław
Niebieszczanski. Its original
richly executed Broadway
façade, of brick and white terra
cotta with copper bays, was
largely effaced when the former
bakery was joined to a
nondescript, late twentieth
century building to the west.