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Alive Photo of the Day: A Little Harmony & Dożynki Warmth

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Today’s photo is a couple of the Harmony Polish Folk Ensemble dancers doing their thing at at Corpus Christi Church’s 2012 Dożynki.  Makes me think of summer on a very cold day.


Here is the website for the Harmony Polish Folk Ensemble.

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Photos: Dożynki 2012 @ Corpus Christi Church

What an incredible weekend it was at Corpus Christi Church with its 33rd Annual Dożynki Polish Harvest Fest!

It was truly a celebration of the church’s renaissance and the neighborhood’s heritage.

It wasn’t that long ago Corpus Christi almost closed.  Now it serves as a symbol for the neighborhood that B-F is still alive.

The festival has grown to be the largest summer festival in Historic Polonia.  Dożynki’s Buffalo’s Best Pierogi Contest is now a premiere food event in WNY…drawing a record 41 contestants.

All of it because of the hard work and dedication of the wonderful parishioners of Corpus Christi who refused to let this East Side treasure fade away.

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Dożynki Begins and a few Thoughts

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I went to the opening night of Dożynki today with camera in hand to take a bunch of pictures.

When I arrived, I was surprised to see my Aunt Gert and my cousin Sue there.  I did take a few photos but spent most of the evening chatting with my family.

My aunt was married at Corpus Christi almost 60 years ago.   We talked about the church and our family.  All of it reminding me why I do what I do in the neighborhood by helping places like Corpus Christi.  These places are important and historic.  They tell the story of the Polish community who built Broadway-Fillmore.  This part of Buffalo was shaped by the lives and experiences of these people…my ancestors.  They are part of the fabric which made Buffalo the city it is.  It is why it is important to preserve the B-F treasures that remain.  It is this past that can help the neighborhood’s future.

Dożynki continues today and tomorrow.

BUFFALO.COM: Polish Harvest Festival kicks off this weekend

Photo courtesy of Corpus Christi

by Kathryn Przybyla  •  August 15, 2012 @ 11:03am

I was honored and flattered when I got the email from the Broadway-Fillmore Alive organization to judge the 5th annual Buffalo’s Best Pierogi contest.

The resident Polish girl at, it’s no surprise I was sent to cover the Pussy WIllow pride parade and interview party go-ers on Dyngus Day fashions in the past. But this year, I’ve stepped it up a notch—Official Pierogi Judge. It has a nice ring to it.

This weekend kicks off one of my favorite summer festivals—Corpus Christi’s Dożynki Polish Harvest Festival.

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Pierogi Pride

T-Minus 5 Days and Counting…

I’m Brian.  Born and raised Polish American on the mean streets of Cheektowaga from parents with roots on the East Side of Buffalo. That’s where this chapter of the journey is set to end.

On August 18, 2012 at about 4:30pm there will be a tent on the corners of Clark and Kent streets in the heart of the East Side of Buffalo that will have 41 contestants anxiously awaiting to see if their pierogi will be labeled the Best Pierogi in Buffalo for 2012. I am going to be one of those 41.

Wanting to resurrect my grandmother’s traditional Polish recipes, I began making pierogi yearly with my father and a few friends every year.  At first we just did your traditional cheese, sauerkraut or potato pierogi. I needed something more.  A Taco pierogi was made one year, which came out alright but still didn’t quench my thirst for that ultimate off the wall pierogi.

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