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Photos: A Great Day for Broadway-Fillmore & Corpus Christi Church

Photo by DJ Red White

(Click on images for full view) The multimillion dollar restoration of Corpus Christi Church is truly a miracle. It was 11 years ago that the neighborhood almost lost the church. Fast forward to now and see fruits of the Friends…
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Photos: Waiting for Corpus Christi’s New Cupola To Go Up

1-Fullscreen capture 1142014 93502 PM

G. McLaughlin Aerial Worx sent along a link to a fantastic set of aerial photos of Corpus Christi Church. The new cupola for Corpus Christi’s north tower was supposed to go up this past Friday, then yesterday, then today and…
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Corpus Christi North Tower Restoration Nears Dramatic Completion


A familiar East Side landmark will once again be part of Buffalo’s skyline on Thursday, October 30 when a new cupola is lifted atop Corpus Christi’s iconic north tower. The original copper cupola was more than a century old and…
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Holy Land Fair Trade Gifts @ Corpus Christi Church This Weekend


This Sunday, Corpus Christi Church will host a Fair Trade Federation event. Holy Land Gifts will display and sell handmade articles; such as nativity scenes, crucifix, rosary, last supper pictures and many other beautiful religious articles. This will take place after…
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Corpus Christi, Saint Stan’s and Saint John Kanty’s Bulletins from 09/21


For Corpus Christi’s Bulletin, click here—> For Saint Stan’s Bulletin, click here—> For Saint John Kanty’s Bulletin, click here—>

Last Sunday to Write Letters for Corpus Christi’s new Cupola Cross


This coming Sunday is the last day you will have the opportunity to write letters for placement in the Corpus Christi Church’s new cupola cross. The church extended the writing period by two weeks after receiving numerous inquiries from people…
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