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Old Photos: Saint John Kanty, Saint Ann’s, Saint Mary’s, Saint Luke’s & Polish National Church

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These photos come courtesy of BFA Facebook friend Bill Blake.

This Sunday is Second Sunday…Come to Church


Want an easy way to help out a church in the neighborhood?  Good.  What you need to do is get in the habit of coming to church in Broadway-Fillmore at least once a month.  Broadway Fillmore Alive established the Second Sunday movement a couple of years ago.  It is a simple easy way to help support a church every month.

The churches with Masses this weekend in the neighborhood.

Corpus Christi – 5:30pm (Sat.) – 8:15am, 10:00am (Polish) & 11:30am (Sun.)

Saint John Kanty – 4:00pm (Sat.) – 10:30am (Sun.)

Saint Luke’s Mission of Mercy – 1:00pm (Sun.)

Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church - 4:30pm (Sat.)  - 10:00am & 12:00pm – ЛІТУРГІЇ

Saint Stan’s – 4:00pm (Sat.) – 9:00am & 12:00pm (Polish) (Sun.)

These heritage churches need your support…participate in Second Sundays.

The Kielbasa Diaries and Edward Zawadzki Book Signing at Broadway Market

In commemoration of Polish Heritage Month, the 125th Anniversary Committee of the Broadway Market is presenting two exciting and historical events that will occur at the Broadway Market on October 12th. This is your opportunity to spend the entire day at the Broadway Market, attend a lecture, shop at the market, listen to music, and attend a play and post play reception.

The world release of the book, “Poles in the New World: The New Generation” written by Eddy Zawadzki, will be held at 10:00am in the Broadway Market Community Room, where Mr. Zawadzki will be on hand to unveil his new book. Mr. Zawadzki is a well-known author in Polish communities in both Canada and the U.S., and he is no stranger to the Western New York area.

The ticketed event will occur from 10:00am – noon, where a book signing and lecture will occur. In addition, a continental breakfast and a 125th Anniversary mug of the Broadway Market will be provided. Pre-registration is required and the cost is $35.00. Checks should be made out to the B.E.S.T. Community Association. Space is limited

At noon a free lecture will occur, and books may be purchased directly from Mr. Zawadzki after the lecture.

At 2:30 pm, the cast of the world premiere play, “The Kielbasa Diaries: The Butter Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”, written and directed by Mr. Steve Roylance from Road Less Traveled Productions, will arrive to prepare for this historic performance. At 3:00 pm, the performance will begin in the Broadway Market Community Room.

The play was conceived and written during the Easter Season 2013 at the Broadway Market. Based on countless interviews during that period, the play mirrors the changing times and reflections of the Broadway Market throughout the decades. You may even find a part of yourself in the play. After the play, a Polish style reception will be held.

Pre-registration is required and the cost is $25.00. Checks should be made out to the B.E.S.T. Community Association. Space is limited.

Cleaning Up the Trash in Style Along the Fillmore Corridor


The Fillmore Corridor Neighborhood Coalition (FCNC), which is comprised of various groups and community organizations including the South Fillmore Block Club have raised $10,000 to manufacture four recycling and trash receptacles along Fillmore Avenue to help keep the area clean and provide residents with attractive containers for recycling and litter. These containers will look similar to receptacles along Elmwood Avenue, with East Side-themed designs created by students from Daemen College, which is a member of the FCNC.

From John Murphy, Executive director of Broadway-Fillmore Neighborhood Housing Services and HomeFront, Inc. about the project.

One of the major issues at block club and community meetings I attended in the Broadway-Fillmore area when I first came on board was litter. There were no functioning trash receptacles in the blocks around the market, and trash baskets mounted on the light standards had no bottoms in them. People tried, but there were really no public trash containers except for special events. Councilman Dave Franczyk provided $5,000 for the project, and the Oishei Foundation are providing the balance of funds.

To take a look at the complete designs, click here to view a pdf file from students at Daemen College—>

Welcome Kate Mockler to the Pages of Broadway Fillmore Alive

Kate Mockler

Broadway Fillmore Alive (BFA) is excited to announce the addition of Kate Mockler as a writer here at BFA.  For the last few month’s, I have put a call out to get more people involved with Broadway Fillmore Alive.  A number of people have offered to help.  Look for some more exciting projects by BFA in the coming months with folks who will become part of Team Alive.

Back to Kate.  She inquired about writing for BFA.  Her coming on board will help expand the content you see here and increase BFA’s coverage of neighborhood.  It all fits into our mission.

Our mission is to work together with community groups, businesses, residents, churches and other organizations to help promote, preserve and revitalize the Broadway-Fillmore area.

When BFA was started in late 2005 by Mike Miller, Michele Johnson and me, our goal was to start promoting the neighborhood as a sum of all its parts.  Through the power of internet, we wanted to open a window into the neighborhood showing people that it was far from dead and was ALIVE.  BFA really took off from there.  Kate Mockler will now add to this vision.

This is from Kate about her:

I’m very excited to be writing for Broadway Fillmore Alive! I’m a long-time admirer of the blog and a Western New York native. I am a newlywed living on Buffalo’s west side with my husband and my cat. For two and a half years, I served as a reporter for the Amherst Bee, where I wrote stories on everything from the Parrothead Fan Club to the new zoning codes and beyond. I have also written for Western New York Heritage Magazine and worked in history museums. I have a passion for uncovering the hidden, and for seeking out the stories that make people think differently about their world. I look forward to exploring the Broadway Fillmore area!

Over the next week or two, you will start seeing stories from her on the internet pages of BFA.  She is going to fit in well here and help tell the story of why Broadway-Fillmore is still alive.


This Sunday is Second Sunday in Broadway-Fillmore so Come to Church

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I have been pushing this idea for well over a year now.  What idea? It’s simple…come support a neighborhood church in Broadway-Fillmore on the second Sunday of the month.  I am not asking you to give up where you worship, but I am asking for your help. These churches in East Buffalo’s Historic Polonia need more people attending. They are still open and ALIVE.

The neighborhood has seen the loss of a number of churches over the years.  We simply can’t let the ones remaining slip away.  Spend an extra 15-20 minutes on a Sunday morning coming to B-F and you really can have a large impact on helping preserve these neighborhood treasures.

For more on Second Sundays and the neighborhood churches, click here—>