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Photos: Day of Caring at Response to Love Center

Day of Caring
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These are photos of the Day of Caring at the Response to Love Center earlier this week. A crew of people from Wegmans and did a large amount of work at the center. Photos are courtesy of the center’s Mike Gilhooly.

This is from Mike:

It was amazing how much got done in a span of 6 hours on-site. The prep work and organization of such a monumental project took months and was orchestrated by Sandi Falsone and Joan Bruce and a team of Wegmans leaders.
The building and grounds look great and we are ready to open for fall session 2014 with a new bright look and optimism.

For more information on the Response to Love Center, visit

The Winners of the 7th Annual Buffalo’s Best Pierogi Contest

From Corpus Christi’s website:

Corpus Christi Church is pleased to announce the winners for the 7th Annual Buffalo’s Best Pierogi Contest held on Saturday, August 16, 2014 during our annual Dożynki Polish Harvest Festival. First place winners were awarded the Golden Rolling Pin to celebrate their titles as Buffalo’s Best Pierogi Makers.

Traditional Category

  • 1st: Paula Sepanik – Sauerkraut and Kielbasa
  • 2nd: Luci Buell – Potato and Cheese
  • 3rd: Pat Cwudzinski – Sauerkraut

Dessert Category

  • 1st: Deborah Wisholek – Sweet Potato Surpize
  • 2nd: Brian Marek – Apple Cinnamon Cheerio
  • 3rd: Karen McCarthur – Almond Ring

Non Traditional Category

  • 1st: Bobby Sikorski – NY Deli Pierogi
  • 2nd: KathyKalwicki – Oggie Doggie (Hot Dog)
  • 3rd: Sophia Wagner – Buffalo Chicken Wing

Thank you to all the contestants…without you, the contest would not be the success it is.

Here are some photos from the contest–click on images for full view.

Photos: Cupola Removal for North Tower Restoration Project @ Corpus Christi

(Click on images for full view)

These photos were taken on Friday on the rooftop of the Broadway Market. They document the removal of Corpus Christi Church’s north tower cupola. It is part of the ongoing restoration and preservation of this iconic neighborhood treasure. It is amazing to think that this church almost closed ten years. The work the church and its preservation group The Friends of Corpus Christi have done to ensure this neighborhood and city landmark will remain is nothing short of incredible.

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Photos: Broadway Market Garden & Rummage Sale

(click on images for full view)

Patra Mangus sent along some photos from the Broadway Market. The pictures are of the rummage sale by the HOPE Center at the Market and a garden tour of the rooftop garden.

Thanks Patra!

Alive Photo: The Neighborhood from Seneca One Tower

(click on image for full view)

This image comes courtesy of the Buffalo News’ Harry Scull Jr.. I found it while reading a story about the Central Terminal online. You can read the article by clicking here–>

Great shot!

Video: Corpus Christi Procession 1940s at Saint Adalbert Basilica

Saint Adalbert Basilica released this little gem of a video on there Facebook page tonight. Since we are heading into Corpus Christi weekend, I thought it would be great to share here. It is very cool to see old videos of the neighborhood.

1-Fullscreen capture 6192014 110333 PM

If you haven’t, go top Facebook and like Saint Adalbert’s page, click here—>

To find out more about the Corpus Christi procession happening in the neighborhood this weekend, click here—>

Video: “Nocturne” at Former Chopin Singing Society Building

1-1-P1130352 copy

Heading into the fall of 2013, I wanted to shoot a video of someone playing Chopin’s Nocturne in front of the former Chopin Singing Society building at 18-24 Kosciuszko Street. This place was once alive with music and dance. It is an iconic Polish American heritage site which has fallen into grave disrepair. I took photos of it last year…click here to view those—>

Well, fall quickly turned to winter and the idea was put off until spring this year. I enlisted the help of my daughter and clarinetist Emilie Byrd. This past Saturday, we recorded the video you will see below.

The concept behind it is not unlike other things done here on Broadway Fillmore Alive…just want to bring attention to the alarming and tragic decay of heritage sites throughout the neighborhood. Places which should be saved, but are dying a slow death ending with demolition. We have lost too many. In a sad way, this may be the last time the former Chopin Singing Society building sees music.

Here is the video: