Post Easter Post About the Neighborhood

The Lent/Easter season in Broadway-Fillmore (B-F) is the busiest time of year for the neighborhood. From Pączki Day to Dyngus Day hundreds of thousands of people come to support the beautiful churches, the Broadway Market, the Central Terminal, the gin mills, the restaurants, etc.

This post Easter post is a simple reminder that everything you love about the neighborhood is here 365 days a year. The various treasures which make B-F a unique part of Buffalo could use more support all year long.


3 thoughts on “Post Easter Post About the Neighborhood”

  1. With improvements coming to the Broadway Market, with new developers in the area, and with the general heightened interest based on the placement of a train station, I have no doubt in my mind that the B-F area will gain even more interest and attention, hopefully leading to renewal!

  2. It was such a beautiful, thriving area in which I enjoyed spending many years of my life living and visiting. It breaks my heart to see it as it is now. My father and grandfather built many homes and cabinets there. Was awful watching it fade away and become a battlefield, blythful dismal looking place full of crime. I am hopeful for its future with the rebuilding plans however there will never be success because normal working ppl avoid the area to avoid being a victim. Gonna have to take the trash out before anyone would invest.

  3. Chris, I agree that the area continues to offer wonderful activities all year long especially surrounding the churches such as the Corpus Christi processions(Corpus Chrisiti, St.Stan’s), blessing of flowers and herbs( St. Casimir’s), Dozynki, the harvest festivals, the craft festival at the Terminal,etc. There’s plenty going on!

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