Photos: A. Szelagowski & Son Wholesale Sausage at 143-49 Mohr Avenue

It’s really cool to see how this building looked in the past when it was A. Szelagowski & Son Wholesale Sausage, aka Shelly Brand Meat Products. I grew up right around the corner on Ashley Street, and the building was always an oddity to me because it was right in the middle of normal house filled street. The building also extends over to Milburn Street to the east. When you view aerial shot of building in gallery below, you will see how additions to building were added over time.

I love when people share old photos of the neighborhood with me. In this case, BFA friend Michael Szafranski shared these photos on Facebook, and let me use here. Thanks, Mike!

To find out more about A. Szelagowski & Son Wholesale Sausage and their history, click here to read a story by Greg Witul on the Am-Pol Eagle—>

Click on images for full view—>