WKBW Video: Local Bishop Takes Aim At the Vatican on Saint Ann’s



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  1. izzy

    Seems like a case of I want this to go my way or else… The people of the diocese will not make decisions for me… Seems like his ego got a bit of a bruising… He’s not going to give up on making sure ALL the Eastside churches are gone… He’s given up on the Eastside just like the powers that be in the city…

  2. izzy

    Wonder what church will be next on his hit list… St. Gerard’s was sold by the previous bishop, Transfiguration was closed and sold, St. Louis was sold… See a pattern? I do … Wonder how many Westside churches have been closed…

  3. Rachel Glurich

    If Bishop Malone wants to let St. Ann’s crumble he should be made to live there and watch it slowly, achingly happen. He has the audacity to try to paint his plans as if they were “the mission of the church… which is to serve the people; reach out to those in need.” Move Bishop Malone to the east-side so he can see who’s in need right from his window if it’s correct that it is truly ‘his’ mission. Pope Francis would… as would Jesus. How can a servant of God walk away from a scene that is so emblematic of the decaying base of our society and claim to be serving anything other than his own comfort. As a leader of the Universal Church he should be a beacon to those lost in a throwaway world. One which values things that are not worthy of honor. The true worth of St. Ann’s is embedded in every stone meticulously shaped by a craftsman.


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