BFA’s Comments to Buffalo Common Council on Saint Ann’s


This is the statement read before the Buffalo Common Council yesterday.

Drive down Broadway from downtown to the city line of Buffalo and it’s not hard to notice the number of vacant lots where buildings once stood. This iconic Buffalo street has seen its share of losses over the last three decades. Broadway potentially faces another loss…a huge loss.

Saint Ann’s has been a fixture on Broadway since the 1800s. The church is a living breathing link back to the Broadway corridor’s rich Eastern European immigrant heritage and history. Buffalo’s German immigrants gave Buffalo Saint Ann’s. A church similar to the ones you see throughout Europe. It is a testament to the great melting pot of both Buffalo and America. Its towers have stood tall through the decline of the East Side.

Losing Saint Ann’s will further empty Broadway and the East Side of its history and what remains of its incredible buildings. It is a vital part of the urban fabric of the Broadway corridor. It is already a landmark without the formal designation.

Saint Ann’s meets and exceeds all local, state and national thresholds to be consider a landmark. By approving its landmark status, the council will help ensure this East Side treasure will remain for future generations to appreciate.

Thank you

Christopher Byrd
Broadway Fillmore Alive

Please consider contacting council members and ask them to approve Saint Ann’s landmark status.  They will be voting on the issue on 10/08/2013.  For a complete list of their contact info, click here–>