C-District Police/Community Meeting on Monday, July 15th

Buffalo C-District

C-District Police/Community Meeting on Monday, July 15th with Chief Aaron Young.

The public is invited to come talk about community issues.  It is great way to connect and network with the police serving the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood.

The meeting will be held at the C-District home station located at 693 East Ferry at the corner of Fillmore Avenue starting at 6pm.


2 thoughts on “C-District Police/Community Meeting on Monday, July 15th”

  1. I missed the last meeting I had intentions on attending. I hope there was a nice turn out of community minded participants. The primary concern I was going to bring up was the seeming practice of some District C police officers ignoring prostitutes on Broadway between Filmore and Bailey. We had a huge increase in the number of women working the trade in the past few weeks. Have they been pushed here by pressures from diligent police districts or has it just become common knowledge that District C police will not act in this regard? If I can tell they are prostitutes, surely trained police officers can.

    1. Rachel…this problem doesn’t seem to go away. I have talked to the former chief of about the problem in the past. The number of women out there working astounds me. They are there all hours of the day and so obvious. I know a group from Saint John Kanty went to last meeting to address this specifically.

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