Ten Easy Things the Broadway Market can do to be a Year-Round Destination


600121_10151114224445423_811478972_aAs the Easter Season draws near for the Broadway Market, I am going to re-post a series of articles I wrote on the Market last year and may include some additional commentary.  They are still relevant one year later.  For the Broadway Market to survive, it needs to become a place Buffalonians and WNYers think about more than just at Easter.  


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As the Easter season begins at the Broadway Market today and it becomes the busiest place in Buffalo for the next two weeks, I am going to post a series of ten articles on what the Market can do easily to become a year-round destination for shoppers.

When you shop at the Broadway Market year-round, Easter time is a surreal experience. The place is packed with customers and vendors alike. Then, come in a week after Easter and the market is almost ghost-like. It is that way for most of the rest of the year. I can’t help but to be depressed when I shop while I wonder how can the Broadway Market continue to survive like this?

In my first post, I am going to focus on Saturdays.

Over the years and running quite a few events at the market on Saturdays, my experience has taught me that to build some momentum for the Broadway Market, Saturday is the key.

I point to the recent Polka, Piwo and Pierogi event.  On a usually dead January day at the market, the place was jamming.  Why?  It was a unique food based event that captured the interest of people.  There was nothing really extraordinary about what was going on.  But, the key here is that something was going on to attract people.

This type of programming should be the norm every weekend…programming that will attract a wide variety of  customers.  It gets people thinking of the Broadway Market as part of their what should we do today in Buffalo thought process.  What happens next is that potential vendors will want to be at the market on weekends because there is a customer base waiting to be tapped.  This is also how you build more momentum…adding more vendors will serve to build the Broadway Market’s reputation as a destination for people on the weekends.  Businesses and customers will want to be there.

Once Saturday has been established in making the market a destination for people, the spillover can help prop up the rest of the week by getting businesses to think that they should be there on more than just Saturdays.

As the title of this post suggests, EASY.


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