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In late 2005, Broadway Fillmore Alive (BFA) was born.

At the time, Mike Miller (RIP), Michele Johnson and I decided to start collaborating on a project to start showing the world that the neighborhood was Alive.  Each of us was already working with different organizations in the Broadway-Fillmore (B-F) and wanted to pool our collective talents.  We thought it was important to open a window to the neighborhood via the internet and start promoting it as a whole. The idea being that Broadway-Fillmore still had a lot going and there was a need to start leveraging all of its assets (Central Terminal, churches, Broadway Market, etc.) as way to help the area collectively.   After BFA started, we were amazed at how quickly everything took off and how BFA started creating new love for B-F.

Let’s move ahead to now.  A few years ago Mike Miller passed away.  Around the same time, Michele Johnson became increasingly involved with Buffalo ReUse.  After Mike’s death, I began kicking around ideas to retool BFA.

Being immersed in helping different places in the neighborhood at a high level,  the idea to retool has been put on the back burner for far too long.  The time has come to make it a priority.  This is where you come in.

About a month before Mike Miller passed away, we started working on an idea to get more people active and involved in the neighborhood….we came up with the concept of Team Alive.  The idea was was prompted by our growing frustration over not being able to do everything we would like to do to help and this seems like this is the time to re-roll it out.

The idea is to put together a broader BFA volunteer group of people interested in working on  projects in B-F, write for BFA and more.  At the core of the concept is what we started to do when we came up with Broadway Fillmore Alive.

“Our mission is to work together with community groups, businesses, residents, churches and other organizations to help promote, preserve and revitalize the Broadway-Fillmore area.”

Through the work here and with the various organizations BFA is affiliated with, our idea has always been to have people look at the neighborhood as a sum of all its parts. I am very proud of this little window we give the world of B-F.


There is more work to be done…there is a lot of the neighborhood that doesn’t get the attention or focus it needs.

Since Mike’s death, it has become harder for me to focus on broader issues or other initiatives and a way to help that is you, you and you.

I posted about the Alive Project recently…this will fall under that if you have already signed up for the project.

If you are interested in finding out more and getting involved, you can fill out the Team Alive form by clicking here or call 716.218.0BFA.

Help, I need somebody,
Help, not just anybody,
Help, you know I need someone, help.

– The Beatles

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