Hope, Buffalo & Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi in BuffaloOn February 24, Bon Jovi is bringing their world tour to Buffalo at the First Niagara Center.  This is great news for WNY’s Bon Jovi fans.

What would be even better news is if we could convince Jon Bon Jovi and company to pay a little visit to Broadway-Fillmore’s own Matt Urban Hope Center’s Urban Diner on Paderewski Drive.

This is from the center’s Facebook page today:

Just tweeted Bon Jovi and invited them to visit the Urban Diner while they’re in Buffalo on Feb. 24. Our diner is similar to their Soul Kitchen. Please retweet and let them know how much their support would mean to our cause!

This is their tweet:

This is how you can help:

If you are on Twitter, tweet to Bon Jovi @bonjovi and tell them they have to visit the Hope Center’s Urban Diner by using their Twitter handle @MUHopeCenter.  It would mean a lot to the organization and let Bon Jovi see one the great places doing a lot of good in the neighborhood.

And…please share this post with others.

If you are not on Twitter, go to their Facebook page and do the same—>

A l i v e!