The Light

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I just wanted to post a few photos and thoughts of Central Terminal light fixture’s epic return home.

To me, the whole campaign represented the love people here and abroad have for the Central Terminal.

Doing work here in B-F is really a roller coaster ride…many drastic ups and downs and twists and turns. There are times I question if it’s worth it all the time and energy I put into helping.  Then there are times I have this feeling inside telling me that everything I do here is important.

I’ve written this before on BFA and still believe it. People tend to focus on the large successes in judging progress.  I look it at it differently.  Success comes from a culmination of all the little things done to help out here in the neighborhood.  Returning an old light fixture isn’t going to save the Central Terminal, but it is symbolic of all the little things that go unnoticed which help move projects like to Terminal forward.  The people who give up a few hours of their time a week to make difference. The little projects no one sees or hears about make a difference.  These are the type of efforts that are at the core of what helps keep B-F ALIVE.

When the light finally made it back to the Terminal last week, the looks on people’s faces said it all…the understanding that this small victory for the building was equal parts affirmation and inspiration.